Play encrypted Blu-ray discs (libaacs/libbdplus)

Blu-ray discs can be encrypted with AACS and BD+ protections. VideoLAN fellows have developed three projects to provide Blu-ray playback to open source players (VLC 2.x, MPlayer and MPlayer front ends like Starbuck's FreePlayer).

These international research projects libbluray, libaacs and libbdplus help developers for interoperability of open source systems, particularly to bring encrypted Blu-ray disc playback capability in Linux distros :

libaacs relies of a database file named KEYDB.cfg and containing AACS keys (called VUK).

Aacs Central Database :

Disc VUK keys: 20822 Processing Keys: 18 Host Certificates: 8
Freeware: AACS Updater Database: KEYDB.cfg

How to enrich Aacs Central Database (share your keys) :

A cool guy has posted FindVUK tool - get VUK of all Blurays supported by Passkey at Doom9 forums. Combining FindVUK tool, DVDfab Passkey and AACS Updater you can store and share Blu-ray disc keys.

How to play encrypted Blu-ray discs on your computer with Free Players :

  1. get a version of you player with libbluray support enabled
  2. copy libaacs and libbdplus libraries in your player executable folder
  3. copy bdplus vm0 folder in your personal profile
  4. copy aacs KEYDB.cfg file in your personal profile
  5. maintain KEYDB.cfg file up-to-date

AACS Updater installer for Windows does step 2 to 5 for you !

Windows user Windows user quick guide
1) Install VLC player with libaacs 0.8.1 / libbdplus 0.1.2 libraries: (x86 32-bit)
or (x86 64-bit)
2) Then KEYDB.cfg updater:
  aacs-updater- (x86 32-bit)
  aacs-updater- (x86 64-bit)
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