Advanced users (libaacs/libbdplus)

Blu-ray discs can be encrypted with AACS and BD+ protections. VideoLAN fellows have developed three projects to provide Blu-ray playback to open source players (VLC 2.x, MPlayer and MPlayer front ends like Starbuck's FreePlayer or DVDx 4.1 Blu-ray copier).

These international research projects libbluray, libaacs and libbdplus help developers for interoperability of open source systems, particularly to bring encrypted Blu-ray disc playback capability in Linux distros :

How to play encrypted Blu-ray discs on your computer with Free Players:

  1. get a version of you player with libbluray support enabled
  2. copy libaacs and libbdplus libraries in your player executable folder
  3. copy KEYDB.cfg file in your personal profile (%APPDATA%/aacs/ or ~/.config/aacs)
  4. copy bdplus vm0 folder in your personal profile (%APPDATA%/bdplus/ or ~/.config/bdplus)
  5. maintain KEYDB.cfg file up-to-date

How to find Aacs disc keys (Vuk) :

A cool guy has posted FindVUK tool - get VUK of all Blurays supported by Passkey at Doom9 forums. Combining FindVUK tool, DVDfab Passkey and AACS Updater you can store and share Blu-ray disc keys.


Please note that due to MPlayer libbluray support weakness, Blu-ray disc subtitles are NOT supported, you may prefer VideoLAN VLC player.

If you want to share a solution or a DLL, drop a mail to starbuck at labdv dot com.

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