AACS Updater

AACS Updater is a freeware, with open source code:

Win32 aacs-updater-
Win64 aacs-updater-
Linux 32bit README
Linux 64bit README
Source code aacs-updater-
Last update 08/19/2016 (libaacs 0.8.1, libbdplus 0.1.2)

What does AACS Updater do:

  1. check central server connection and updater release available
  2. download KEYDB.cfg from central database
  3. append local PK and VUK keys and local HC certificates to downloaded KEYDB.cfg
  4. replace %APPDATA/aacs/KEYDB.cfg with new completed KEYDB.cfg
  5. identify local keys and certificates not already in central KEYDB.cfg
  6. upload local keys and certificates to central database

And the Windows installer also do:

For advanced users:

(1) When installing FULL bundle, choose libaacs.dll and libbdplus.dll folder (VLC or MPlayer) during installation.

Bundles with BD+ support also create libbdplus virtual machine (%APPDATA%/bdplus/vm0) .


Please note that Host Certificates, PK and VUK keys that you add manually in your KEYDB.cfg file are not altered when running AACS Updater (they're merged at the end of central KEYDB.cfg ).

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