Chapter 4. Frequently Asked Questions

Why FreePlayer fails to play any video?

MPlayer or Mplayer2 drivers may not be supported on your system, try other ones: usually OpenGL driver (gl or gl2) is a safe choice.

How to configure FreePlayer on a virtual PC (Windows guest on WMware workstation)?

Playback may fail with direct3d and directx drivers therefore set MPlayer and MPlayer2 drivers to gl (or gl2).

Why seeking and stepping playback controls don't work for Blurays?

Actually they kind of work on FreePlayer side, but MPlayer2 backend fails to properly handle seeking and stepping. If you really need to step next chapter, try it and be patient for a couple of minutes you may see the correct jump.

Why MPlayer/MPlayer2 initialization failed?

Starbuck's FreePlayer uses MPlayer (and/or MPlayer2) as backend engine. Starbuck's FreePlayer won't start if backend initialization fails. MPlayer/MPlayer2 backend initialization is required to update font cache for OSD and subtitles.

MPlayer/MPlayer2 initialization fails, either if:

Why parsing media stream URL fails?

Starbuck's FreePlayer uses the quvi Lua scripts from the quvi project to parse URLs. Because website (like YouTube or Dailymotion) does'nt want visitors to download videos, they manage URL queries to fool quvi scripts, therefore quvi scripts (so Starbuck's FreePlayer) may fail to parse URL and to access to the requested media stream.

Starbuck's FreePlayer is managed to use latest quvi scripts but advanced-users can check for very latest quvi scripts release and get up-to-date quvi scripts from the official quvi scripts repository.

FavoriteIf you think a web site is really worth it, for a bunch of users, and that Starbuck's FreePlayer should be able to browse and play video on this web site, you can send a media stream URL to starbuck at labdv dot com, we'll check it and perhaps support it.

Why cannot Starbuck's FreePlayer support all Flash based video websites?

Most media hosting websites are technically very different. The quvi scripts aim is to workaround the Adobe™ Flash requirement rather than enable it. This means that the quvi project cannot simply execute the Flash object and follow the links, but find another way and work around the Flash requirement altogether.