Advantages over other media players

This isn't to say Starbuck's FreePlayer is the best media player out there, VLC and MPC-HC are very good video players, Windows Media Player and iTunes are great audio players.

FreePlayer and its open-source C++/Qt library has been created by Starbuck to be the best lightweight GUI for MPlayer / MPlayer2 and to be the preferred video player library for developpers implementing video playback in their applications.

Hereafter are some PROs to adopt Starbuck's FreePlayer.

Simple and powerful video player!Starbuck's FreePlayer offers a classical, simple and complete media player interface (classical look'n'feel like VLC and MPC-HC):

Full-featured media web browser!Starbuck's FreePlayer offers an exclusive web browser:


Starbuck's FreePlayer plays all video files:

Full-featured DVD menu navigation!Starbuck's FreePlayer offers an full-featured DVD player:



Screenshot (Japanese subtitles)Starbuck's FreePlayer supports non-Western subtitles:

Starbuck's FreePlayer runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X platforms with powerful and complete features:

Powerful MPlayer console for advanced users and developers!
And last but not least, Starbuck's FreePlayer offers a powerful MPLayer console for advanced users, MPlayer and MPLayer GUI developers which you don't find with SMPlayer or UMPlayer: