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My pages are available in French as well. Mes fiches sont aussi disponibles en FRANÇAIS.

VIDEO papers

VCD - SVCD - DVD comparison VCD, SVCD and DVD picture comparison
VIDEOCD Make a VCD compliant with VideoCD 2.0 standard and read it with standalone DVD player
VCD Workshop VideoCD Workshop - Useful tools
PHILIPS DVD 950 Standalone Philips DVD player DVD-950
CAPTURE paper Proposal for VCD capture formats
FORUMS VCD and Digital Video forums and mailing lists
CODECs paper CODECs evaluation for video capture
PICVIDEO paper PICVideo codec - Fast MJPEG video compression
PICVIDEO paper MainConcept codec - Fast and efficient MJPEG video compression
Analog Video Formats Analog video formats
Interlaced Video Understand and deal with interlaced video
The perfect VCD Make the perfect VCD with PCTV
SUPER VIDEO CD Making Super Video CD (SVCD)
SVCD : capture SVCD: capture formats
SVCD : contest SVCD: making the best SVCD to win Staassen competition

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