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VCD and Digital Video forums

The digital video forums are for the majority very active, one can find there an answer to his problems rather quickly and take benefit from the experience of other people.

French forums and mailing lists

The Pinnacle Systems forum is currently suspended.

A mailing list about "Digital Video creation for CD (VCD, SVCD and DVD)" hosted by eGroups is moderated by Planete Numerique. It's in French, 4 or 5 mails daily and most answers are posted the same day.

Forum Site Animation Comment
Planète Numérique Go to ->   Miscellaneous topics (Photo CD, Video CD, DVD, DivX, etc.).


English forums

They are more active than French ones:

Forum Site Animation Comment
labDV Go to -> Very reactive I am the moderator of the labDV french forum.
VCD Help Go to -> Very reactive The best one (burning, capturing, encoding, editing, hardware, Mac).
Studio PCTV Go to -> Very reactive Good contribution from Pinnacle Systems.
TMPGEnc BBS Go to -> Not very reactive The official forum. Better to reach it from the site at Support BBS.
TMPGEnc (Delphi) Go to -> Reactive Focused on TMPGEnc.
bbMPEG Go to -> Reactive enough VCD, SVCD and DVD headings
DIGITAL Digest Go to ->   Many headings and guides for Digital Video

Spanish mailing list

The interesting DVD-VCD eGroups.com Spanish list is very active (10 messages daily).


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