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Making the perfect VCD with PCTV

If you're working to make your very first VideoCD, I'd suggest you try the method I published in Create VCD compliant with VideoCD 2.0 standard.

Because Super-VCD and Mini-DVD aren't readable with standalone DVD players (particularly in Europe and the in the U.S.) I really need to make standard VCD at best quality (VHS quality). Thus I tried several adjustments and software to tune this process achieving the perfect VCD.


To avoid picture defects due to Hi8 source, I made my perfect VCD from a DVD player source. I've plugged my standalone Philips DVD-950 to composite PCTV input. The DVD is "The whole nine yard" with Matthew Perry and Bruce Willis (in French: Mon voisin le tueur). I did it with 20 seconds capture. If you know another process to make even better quality VCD, don't hesitate to email me.

As usual, my settings are for PAL but it's so easy to make it with NTSC settings (352x240, 29.97fps).

1. Capture with VirtualDUB

Adjustments for VirtualDUB :

I capture 20 seconds in a resulting 180MB AVI file.

2. Filter with VirtualDUB

First, we have to deinterlace the movie, the filter telecide from Donald Graft is appropriate here.

The PCTV produces somehow noisy lines so I have try some filters to soften a little but we have only one filter that work only on lines, it's the internal general convolution. It's a 3x3 matrix and if we applied with 0 values for up and down, it will only affect the picture through the line and keep the detail at maximum meanwhile soften the PCTV noise.

Then we must resize to 352x288. I should resize to 318x270 within 352x288 letterbox to correct Philips DVD-950 default scale but I don't in order to keep a standard format for this example.

Therefore, filter with VirtualDUB following this order :

Table 1 (general convolution settings, total must be 256 to maintain Luma and Chroma levels) :

0 0 0
80 96 80
0 0 0

Filtering and resizing provide with a 80MB AVI file.

3. Encode with TEMPGEnc

Encode to MPEG-1 with Video CD (PAL) template from TEMPGEnc, but with also these settings :

The process lasts for about 2 minutes and provides with a 3.36MB MPG file.

4. Burn with WinOnCD or Nero

Use Nero ( or WinOnCD (3.7) VideoCD 2.0 project to burn the perfect VCD.

Et voilà !




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Refer to bibliography in Create VCD compliant with VideoCD 2.0 standard


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Version of the document: 1.0EN
Created: February 19 - 2000
Updated: March 5 - 2001
Author: Leon