Blu-ray Plugin   Blu-ray Plugin 360 enables Blu-ray decryption for Player 360.

Play copy-protected Blu-ray discs (almost free):



How it works?

Blu-ray Plugin 360 copies libmmbd/libmmbd64 as libaacs.dll and libbdplus.dll in Player 360 program folder, then prompts to install MakeMKV* application.

When playing copy protected Blu-ray disc, Player 360 loads libaacs.dll and libbdplus.dll which call MakeMKV application to get AACS key and BD+ vectors.


Is it FREE?

Player 360 is completely free and MakeMKV is free during its evaluation period which can be renewed with Beta activation key.


MakeMKV evaluation period must be initiated before you can use Blu-ray Plugin 360. To start MakeMKV evaluation period, run the application and enter the current Beta activation key.


Usually a new beta key is published every two months but GuinpinSoft inc may change this, without notice.


DownloadDownload Blu-ray Plugin

  • MakeMKV easy removal, run uninst.exe from MakeMKV program folder

  • added libaacs.dll and libbdplus.dll are removed by Player 360 uninstaller

  • read End User License Agreement (License.pdf)

One installer for both 32-bit and 64-bit

DVD Copy 360 32-bit BlurayPlugin-1.0-setup.exe




Warning when plugin is installed but MakeMKV not activated MakeMKV 'about' box when evaluation period is started

*OPEN SOURCE USAGE AND DEPENDENCIES: This package contains MakeMKV (MakeMKV.pdf). MakeMKV contains Fraunhofer FDK AAC Library for Android (FDK.pdf) and other components libdriveio.dll, libdriveio64.dll, libmakemkv.dll, libmakemkv64.dll, libmqt.dll, libffm.dll, libffm64.dll, libmmbd.dll, libmmbd64.dll distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) version 2.1 or later. This EULA only covers this program as a whole.