Extract audio tracks from DVD or Blu-ray disc
(activation required)

  1. Load Blu-ray / HD-DVD / DVD in disc ripper
  2. Open disc ripper
  3. Load audio transcoding profile
  4. Choose profile level
  5. Start extracting audio

1. Load Blu-ray / HD-DVD / DVD in disc ripper

First you must load the disc in DVDx 4.1, either from main menu which loads disc in the player (full-featured player to preview movies), either from disc ripper menu.

Load Blu-ray / HD-DVD / DVD in disc ripper

Load disc from Blu-ray / DVD ripper menu

Physical discs in drives are automatically loaded at start or when they are inserted.

You can load an ISO file (DVD/HD-DVD/Blu-ray ISO).

You can load a disc from its folder path (usually VIDEO_TS for DVD or BDMV for Blu-ray).

Load disc in player (ripper auto-loading)

Load disc for playback and ripping

You can load disc for playback and ripping.

However encrypted HD disc (Blu-rays and some HD-DVDs) won't play, so loading fails and you MUST load them directly in the ripper.

2. Open disc ripper

Open disc ripper window from the ripper widget

Open the disc ripper window from the ripper widget menu (from where you can eject loaded discs too).

And OSD message alert you when start loading a disc and when the disc is loaded (screenshot beside shows OSD 'loaded' message).

Open disc ripper window from playback menu

Alternatively you can open the disc which is loaded for playback (which is also available from ripper widget menu).


3. Load audio transcoding profile

Click load profile button and choose the output format for the transcoder

Click Load profile button and select audio profile:

  • ac3.ini : AC3 (Audio Dolby Digital)
  • aiff.ini: AIFF (Apple Audio Interchange Format)
  • caf.ini : CAF (Apple Core Audio Format)
  • dts.ini : DTS (Audio Digital Surround)
  • m4a.ini : MP4 Audio
  • mp3.ini : MP3 Audio
  • ogg.ini : Ogg Vorbis (Google WebM Audio)
  • wav.ini : WAV (Microsoft Audio)
  • wma.ini : WMA (Windows Media Audio)

Choose to apply this profile for current title or for all titles.

Select the audio track you want to extract

Select the audio track you want to extract.

Click the small gear wheel button to change output format.


  • it is recommended to open the profile window and reload the profile .ini to ensure all settings are resetted.

4. Choose profile level

All good profiles settings are chosen for you but you can change profile level to get a smaller file or a better quality one.
Advanced user can select 'User settings' level and tweak video and audio formats.

Audio settings

Easy adjustment of audio settings

For multi-channel audio streams (Dolby/DTS 5.1 and 7.1), Dolby Prologic II stereo down-mixing is automatically selected for stereo output. This keep best audio experience in stereo output.

5. Start extracting audio

Click to start extractingYou're now ready to start audio extraction, jut click the start Rip and transcode button and follow on extracting progression.
Follow on extracting audio job progress