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What can DVDx 4.1 do for you ?

Very easy, very fast DVD/Blu-ray copy! Easy disc title, audio and subtitles selection! Tweakable tanscoding profiles!

Rip and transcode DVD or Blu-ray disc (tutorial)


Release for Windows (Beta 3.0)

2014, June 20th

Posted by Starbuck

Release a.k.a. Beta 3.0 is out, coming as usual with FREE converter ; transcoder and decrypted have been updated (see complete changelog).

Release for Windows (Beta 2.2)

2014, May 20th

Posted by Starbuck

Release a.k.a. Beta 2.1 is out, comes with FREE converter, transcoder H.264 and VP8 updated, missing DLLs fixed (see complete changelog).

Patch Q5 required for DVDx 4.1 Beta 2.1

2014, May 22th

Posted by Starbuck

OpenGL, ICU and Qt plugins DLLs are missing in DVDx 4.1 Beta 2.1 installer, a patch installation is required afterward: DVDx 4.1 Beta 2.1 patch Q5 installer


Best-in-class Blu-ray and DVD decrypting

DVDx 4.1 is an all-in-one solution which doesn't need any additional software:

Configurable transcoding profiles

DVDx 4.1 has built-in profiles and makes all good choices for you. If you're an advanced user or if you want to learn, you can tweak profile settings:

Audio profiles (to extract and recode audio tracks):

Why is DVDx 4.1 a good solution for you ?


DVDx 4.1 is an all-in-one DVD and Blu-ray copier as well as a powerful audio/video transcoder. Not just a media transcoder and DVD/Blu-ray copier, DVDx 4.1 includes an easy-to-use video editing toolset and a full-featured DVD and video player, you can play DVDs, Blu-ray discs and almost any audio or video files. You can rip Blu-ray and DVD discs and transcode them to almost any popular video formats: Xvid/Divx, MPEG-4, H.264, AVC, MKV, WebM, MOV, QuickTime, Flash Video, AC.3, WAV, MP3, MP4/AAC, PCM, ADPCM, Lossless Audio, Vorbis, VCD/CVD/SVCD/DVD, etc.

DVDx 4.1 is very easy to use: open a DVD/Bluray disc, ISO, folder or a media file in the player or in the ripper, choose the titles you want to copy and select audio and subtitles streams, play your selection if you want, transcode a short preview if you want to see if what you get is what you expect ; then start the whole encoding job which can take about one hour but you're quiet sure to get the very good result you expect!

DVDx 4.1 makes all good choices for you: popular video and audio codecs and appropriate settings (for fair quality, high quality or smaller size files) but you can tune the encoder with your own preferred settings.

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