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Frequently Asked Questions

What is 'Rip dump method', should I use it ?

Dump method is a kind of brut-force rip process which can rip disc titles which can't be ripped with other DVDx 4.1 soft method and other ripping software:

I mounted an ISO disc in new virtual drive and DVDx 4.1 couldn't see it, what do I do ?

Quit and start again DVDx 4.1 ; because DVDx 4.1 detects physical and virtual drive at start:

  • if you mount an ISO disc in an existing virtual drive, DVDx 4.1 detects and loads it immediately ;
  • if you mount in a new virtual drive DVDx 4.1 must be restarted.

Ripping or transcoding job failed, what do I do ?

Save job report and look for obvious issue, eventually send the report to starbuck at labdv dot com or post issue in forum:

Ripping or transcoding job succeeded but the output audio/video file isn't what I expected, what do I do ?

Save job report and look for obvious issue in profile section, eventually send the report to starbuck at labdv dot com or post issue in forum:

I burnt subtitles from DVD/Blu-ray movie into video but I can't see them, what do I do ?

Burning pictured-based (DVD/Blu-ray) subtitles into video stream can be tricky and may fail with default transcoder settings:

Transcoding job fails to start or DVDx 4.1 crashes when I burn subtitles from a text file, what do I do ?

Text-based subtitles must be encoded in UTF-8 charset so this error most likely occurs when subtitle file isn't UTF-8 encoded:

Sometimes, DVDx 4.1 crashes while starting, what do I do ?

DVDx 4.1 comes with new backend process manager which sometimes starts too quickly and process I/O channels messed up and make application crashing:

  • don't mind and restart DVDx 4.1

Crashes almost disappeared with release (Beta 1.1).

VLC player failed to play the encoded file, what do I do ?

VLC (current version 2.1.4) isn't able to play:

  • LossLessJpeg video streams
  • DTS HD audio streams
  • ADPCM IMA (QT) audio streams

I guess VLC will be supported these new formats in further release. Nevertheless, Starbuck's FreePlayer read all these formats perfectly as well as SMPlayer (both relying on MPlayer).

And VLC plays badly resized DVD/Blu-ray subtitles streams, while Starbuck's FreePlayer and SMPlayerplay them nicely.

I'm not happy with the encoded file, should I rip the disc again ?

No, you can load originally ripped MKV file in the converter and restart just the transcoding process. Ripped MKV files and in output folder in the 'rip' directory:

Video playback issues with integrated DVDx 4.1 video player, what do I do ?

DVDx 4.1 internal player is a fork of Starbuck's FreePlayer therefore FreePlayer documentation applies for DVDx 4.1 video playback:

  • try to set player video driver to gl or gl2
  • you may set it for both player and Blu-ray player
  • or look for a solution in FreePlayer FAQ