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You'll find complete downloads in every software home page, here's a convenience with most common downloads.

ViDEO 360ViDEO 360 is providing full-featured trial versions for Windows. Blu-ray Copy 360 and DVD Copy 360 trial can copy a 5-minute title as full-featured test before buying. ISO Backup 360 trial can save data to ISO image and rip DVD and Blu-ray disc without decrypting (activation required only for decryption).

  Blu-ray Copy 360 32-bit BlurayCopy-1.0.1-setup.exe  
  64-bit BlurayCopy-1.0.1_x64-setup.exe  
  DVD Copy 360 32-bit DvdCopy-1.0.1-setup.exe  
  64-bit DvdCopy-1.0.1_x64-setup.exe  
  ISO Backup 360 32-bit IsoBackup-1.0-setup.exe  
  64-bit IsoBackup-1.0_x64-setup.exe  
      Designed for Windows

DVDx 4.0DVDx 4.1 is available for Windows, video transcoder is free and registered users have full-featured DVD and Blu-ray disc ripper. It doesn't need any additional software to rip latest protected DVD, HD-DVD, Blu-ray discs and 3D Blu-ray discs:

DVDFab PasskeyAACS project page is the best entry point to discover AACS keys central database and updater program.

A gratis and open source solution to play encrypted Blu-ray discs with VLC 2.x and MPlayer 1.1 as well as DVDx 4.1 and Starbuck's Freeplayer:

Starbuck's FreePlayerStarbuck's FreePlayer download page is providing FreePlayer versions for all platform as well as open-source code.

Most common FreePlayer downloads (free):